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The Fenwick Bar Association (FBA) is a social and professional support network for all members of the Fenwick Community engaged in the legal profession. 


The Accipiter Award was first presented in 1997 as a way to honor members of the Fenwick community who have distinguished themselves in the legal profession. “Accipiter”是一个拉丁词,意思是“鹰”.这个奖项是为了纪念Fr. 约瑟夫·赫伦,啊.P.她是365游戏平台(365游戏平台)的长期拉丁语教师. Fr. Hren often was known among students as The Hawk for his devotion to detail and accuracy and his love for Latin, 律法的语言.


  • 2021年Accipiter奖得主- Hon. 约瑟夫·N. Casciato 67

    约瑟夫·N. Casciato graduated on the Dean’s List from Loyola University and received his Juris Doctorate degree from DePaul University Law School. 他有10年的法律职业生涯,包括Rusin Maciorowski的法律顾问 & 弗里德曼,Lt.; Assistant Corporate Counsel, City of Chicago; Associate, William J. 哈特,有限公司. He went on to have a 22-year judicial career including Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division, 法律陪审团和动议传唤D. He is a former adjunct Professor of Law at DePaul University College of Law was named Man of the Year by the Fraternal Order of Police. 他获准在伊利诺斯州执业 and before the United States Supreme Court.



  • 2019年Accipiter奖得主——罗伯特·P. 康明斯的51

    罗伯特·P. Cummins graduated with distinction from Purdue University in 1958 after serving on active duty with the United States Marine Corps from 1952-1954. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from DePaul University Law School in 1962 where he served on the Law Review. He has pursued a civil and criminal trial practice and related counseling for over 50 years and has served as an arbitrator and mediator in complex commercial disputes. 他获准在伊利诺斯州执业, 科罗拉多州, and Maine and before the United States Supreme Court and numerous Federal Courts of Appeal and Federal District Courts.
  • 2018——约翰·C. 夏可塔80 -阿伦伯格·戈德根·戴维斯 & Garmisa

    约翰·C. Sciaccotta is a 1980 graduate and Co-Founder and Past President of the Fenwick Bar Association, 现在是它成立30周年了. 约翰专注于商业和商业诉讼业务, 仲裁及商务咨询事宜, with a special emphasis on complex civil trial matters brought in federal and state courts throughout the United States. He is also an Arbitrator and Lawyer Neutral who adjudicates various claims and disputes in arbitration. 约翰’s clients include public and privately held businesses from a variety of industries, 银行, 雇主, 高管和个人. 约翰热衷于, 目前担任和曾经担任过许多领导职位, 许多专业, 慈善及社区机构. He currently serves on the Chicago Bar Association’s Board of Managers and is a Co-Founder & Vice-Chair of the CBA’s Business Divorce and Complex Ownership Disputes Committee. 约翰是Fenwick HS的前任受托人和现任终身受托人.

    他住在巴林顿, IL与他的配偶, 以斯帖, 他是4个成年子女的骄傲父母, 约翰, Jr.迈克尔,安娜 & 约瑟夫.
  • 2017 -托马斯·S. 摩尔64年

    Tom 摩尔 is a 1964 graduate who also taught English at Fenwick from 1969 to 1972 while attending Loyola Law School at night.  汤姆是联邦法官弗兰克·麦加尔的书记员, spent four years in the Cook County Public Defender’s Office and then entered private practice.  Tom has tried over seventy juries to verdict and teaches trial practice at Loyola.  Tom served on the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals and now specializes in zoning law at Anderson & 摩尔.

    汤姆和妻子凯西住在林肯公园.  他们有3个孩子和6个孙子孙女.
  • 2016 -年. 托马斯·米. 1971年,美国地区法官

    托马斯·米. 杜金成为了一名美国大使.S. 伊利诺斯州北部地区法官将于1月14日开庭, 2013, 他于5月21日被奥巴马总统提名, 2012. Judge Durkin received a JD degree with honors from DePaul University College of Law in 1978 and a BS degree in accounting with honors from the University of Illinois in 1975.
  • 2015年,尼尔·K. 奎因47年-股权合伙人-椒盐饼干 & 她,特许

    尼尔一直都是辩护律师. 自1958年以来,他一直享有律师执业的特权, 在同一家公司工作了50年. He has experience in every aspect of civil trials, with an emphasis on defense. He has enthusiastically contributed his time and service to the bar and to his community throughout his career.
  • 2014年,安东尼奥·M. Romanucci

    安东尼奥·罗曼努奇是创始合伙人, principal and trial lawyer in the Chicago-based tort litigation law firm of Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, which has successfully recovered over $250 million dollars on behalf of victims. Antonio concentrates his practice in wrongful death and personal injury which includes police misconduct, 航空, 以及性侵受害者的代表. 他连续10年被评为伊利诺伊州100强超级律师, 自2004年起担任主要律师, and has a perfect Martindale Hubble AV rating and an AVVO rating of 10/10 along with being named a “Best Lawyer” for 2013 by U.S. 《365下注平台》. He has worked tirelessly in the community having served as president of the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse, 纳普·伯恩基金会, Justinian Society of Lawyers and the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. 他是伊利诺伊州审判律师协会的董事会成员, 美国司法协会和美国公共利益律师事务所, 公共正义. 他是AAJ汽车和房地诉讼小组的前任主席, Secretary of the Brain Injury Litigation Group and the founding Chair of the Police Misconduct Litigation Group. He is a frequent lecturer and moderator across the country on the topics of litigation and jury selection. Antonio has been involved in many cases that are newsworthy and changed policies and procedures across corporate America, 比如缅因西高中的性侵丑闻, 詹尼·里维拉在蒙特雷郊外的坠机事件, 墨西哥, the metal baseball bat litigation and numerous other police misconduct cases, 产品安全召回和全国范围内的灾难性伤害.
  • 2013年,Terrence M. 约翰逊70年

    Terry 约翰son has been representing union men and women who have been catastrophically injured from exposure to asbestos since 1983. 


  • 2012 - Hon. 约翰·E. 莫60
  • 2011年,查尔斯·W. 小穆兰尼,67年
  • 2010 - Hon. 丹尼尔·J. 凯利71年
  • 2009 - 托马斯·米. Mengler 71
  • 2008 -凯文P. Durkin 73
  • 2007 -政府. 帕特里克J. 奎因67
  • 2006年,威廉·J. 马丁的54
  • 2005 - Timothy J. 鲁尼75
  • 2004年——迈克尔·J. 海耶斯,老.
  • 2003年,托马斯·H. Morsch的49
  • 2002年,罗伯特·J. 库尼小. ’70
  • 2001年,约翰·J. 小Gearen. ’61
  • 2000年,詹姆斯·P. 61年凯莉
  • 1999 -议员. 詹姆斯·H. Alesia”53 *
  • 1998 -年. Louis B. Garippo ' 48 *
  • 1997 -伯纳德·M. 法官的57
Please contact 校友 Relations Manager Owen Blakely for membership information at oblakely@aovs-avproduction.net 或致电708-386-0127 x162.
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